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Create a Reach Out Plan

Activity: It isn’t enough to just teach your child what the 3Ds are – they also have to know what to do when they encounter one!  That’s why we suggest that you create a 3D Reach Out Plan with your child.

Who are the trusted adults your child will reach out to if they come across a 3D? Talk with your child about how they will reach out. Will they text a screenshot of what they encountered?  Will they have a conversation in real life?  Will they make a phone call?  This isn’t about establishing a rigid rule, but rather to brainstorm the possibilities. 

Make sure you give a heads up to whomever makes the list, and be prepared that you might not make the cut!  This could be for any number of reasons, including that your child is going through the developmental processes of separating and individuating from you.

Reach out
10-15 min