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Building the Mindfulness Muscle

Activity: When spending time with your child, take a moment to connect with one another and your surroundings.  

Being mindful when we are interacting online can potentially help prevent miscommunication and foster more enriching exchanges.  Here are some ways to build your child’s mindfulness muscle and get both of you off your devices!

Do you ever bake with your child?  Take some time together to really notice how the smell of the kitchen changes while you are baking.  Did you know you can tell when something is done just by the smell?  You can also hear when something is done!  Hold that cake up to your ear – if you hear a lot of bubbling, it isn’t done yet.

When you are walking around your neighborhood with your child, take time to notice the sound of the wind in the leaves of the trees or the smell of the air.  Share your observations with your child, and ask them what they notice.  Did you know it is possible to smell when a storm is coming?

Do you and your child like to play catch?  Explore with each other what you noticed about how your body felt before, during, and after a completed pass.  Could you feel your muscles contracting?  Did you notice a difference in your stance or sense of balance?  Was your mind intensely focused on the ball or on your aim?  Did you know you can learn to visualize yourself making a throw and actually feel it in your body?

Screen/Life Balance