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TDSU helps you prepare your kids for online interactions

Whether we like it or not, technology plays an important role in our kids’ lives. They use it to socialize, experiment with their identities, exercise their voices, and learn about the world.

It’s no wonder that we want to shield our children from harm when they are online. But when we let worries about keeping our kids safe dictate how we protect them, we can overlook teaching them the skills they need to navigate their online lives without our constant oversight.

Thumbs Down. Speak Up. (TDSU) provides you with the tools you need to set your kids up for success before they start interacting online. With the TDSU approach, you can feel confident that your children will be armed with the skills they need to be independent and responsible.

How it Works

Thumbs Down. Speak Up. is your family’s go-to for a smarter conversation about social media. We provide the framework, time-tested teaching techniques, conversation starters, and engaging activities. You set the example, create the teachable moments, and help your children learn from their mistakes.

Thumbs Down

When and how to disengage from problematic content and behaviors.

Speak Up

Developmentally appropriate, time-tested teaching techniques to support our kids as they learn.

Don’t just follow your kids online. Lead them.
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Thumbs Down. Speak Up. (TDSU) was created by people like you – parents who want to give their kids the best possible start online and know that simply controlling access won’t get us there.

TDSU is:
  • Self-Guided & Easy to Use

    We’ve provided straightforward concepts and a range of activities that you can adapt to your family’s preferences – and revisit over time.

  • Designed Specifically for Tweens

    Our model taps into the developmental strengths of kids who are ready to learn the skills necessary for responsible online interactions.

  • Built to Empower

    We give parents the tools to teach their kids how to be independent and responsible while interacting online.

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